Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dia Ejectivo

Every once and a while we get the opportunity to express ourselves and show a little personality. How? Dia Ejectivo. The idea is that you pay a dollar to wear s treet clothes to school and the money goes to a some group with in the school or another communal cause.

Seeing my classmates in street clothes for the first time was one of the strangest experiences I've ever had. I couldn't stop starring at the people around me. I had sat next to these people everyday for a month and had grown so accustomed to seeing them in the same outfit that it felt like they had been replaced by a new person. I was completely thrown off. Everyone seemed a lot prettier and handsome in street clothes. It was like solving a cold case or breaking a code that had previously been impossible. I was seeing everyone in a new light and finally piecing together who they really were when they're not in school. 

Although I love my uniform and am very grateful that I don't have to worry about what to wear everyday, especially since I don't have that many clothing options to begin with, there's something that gets lost when kids have to wear a uniform. Uniforms don't let you make judgements of people right away because you have nothing to label them by. You have to get to know the person first.

Tomorrow we have another Dia Ejectivo and God only knows how many different outfits I'll try on before I decide what I want to wear. Knowing that what I choose will be one of the few opportunities I have to show who Analisa Winther really is.

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  1. fantastic
    i know you will choose the most rockin outfit you can!
    love you.theodora