Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Feel the Pain

I miss Benadryl. A lot. I've been pretty sick for the last few days and I keep thinking that all my sickness would go away if only I had a little Benadryl. Then I could sleep like a baby and be in that fun drugged out state that Benadryl induces. woohoo! haha. Seriously though, the medicine here does not compare. Nothing is sold over the counter. You have to wait in line to be servedat the pharmacy and I swear that all the pills are tiny and white. All of them. I miss Benadryl. 

I also miss bagels, walking to school,  going to Blockbuster, and most of all English. I have a new profound love for our language. I think it is the best one in the whole world. While Spanish may rhyme all the time, English has more words and therefore more means to express yourself. I miss being able to tell descriptive, detailed stories. One, because my Spanish does not permit that and two, because in Spanish it is necessary that you say the noun and then all the descriptive adjectives after. Let me tell you that takes allllllll the fun out of talking. In English, I could say there was a huge, gigantic, absolutely terrifying, and repulsive............zit on my fore head. Spanish I have to say. There is a zit. It is huge, gigantic...etc. Thats no fun at all. There's no excitement. I miss the element of surprise that English has.

Spanish is also a lot more complicated. I'm tired of people making fun of me for not being able to roll my Rs. I swear there is not a sentence that I say, where someone doesn't laugh at me for saying it "funny." There are so many different verb tenses and so many things that you have to agree. It's way too easy to trip up. The worst thing in the whole world would be lying in Spanish. It's so easy to go wrong under pressure, but add the Spanish grammar structure to the equation and you're a goner. If I had to tell the cops a lie about where I was the night of December 3, 2008. I don't think I could. There are so many possible grammar mistakes to make, I highly doubt it would sound like I had a solid alibi. 

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  1. I know what you mean about Rolling your Rs. Im like i cant do that and then they just keep telling me to try and they laugh.