Thursday, March 12, 2009


I love going to the bank here. The exchange rate makes me feel so good. The first time I exchanged money was at the airport so that I would have a bit of cash when I arrived, just in case. Apparently is was a rip off, but not in my opinion. I gave them $20 and got back $10000. Amazing! So when I go the bank to get money out of my account I can easily leave with hundreds of thousands of dollars. And since the Chileans use the dollar sign for their money too, I always think of how much something is worth in American dollars before converting it to the actual amount in Pesos. When we went to McDonald´s the Big Mac cost $1500. I started cracking up. I don´t know if America can be called the land of opportunity anymore. It´s a lot easier to become a millionaire here.

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