Sunday, March 8, 2009

La Casa

I wasnt sure what to expect of my host family´s home. Obviously if they could host an exchange student they would at least have to be Middle Class, but I didn´t know what Middle Class was in Chile. I was pretty sure it wouldn´t be like the United States where the Middle Class often enjoy big houses with big lawns. What I found was a house located on top of a HUGE hill that is very comfortable although not huge. The first floor has the kitchen, dining room, living room, and a bathroom. The second floor has my bedroom, the parents bedroom, my brother´s bedroom, and two bathrooms. The third floor is one room, which my brother and sister are sharing while I´m here. That´s it. I like everthing being on the smaller side, it´s nice for things to be simple and not the regular super sized styled of the US. It also really makes me want to keep my room clean so I can have some space to walk around. We do have a pool, which is tiny and takes up the whole backyard and some kind of frontyard. It´s supposed to be a drive way so it´s half concrete and half grass, but the family doesn´t use it as a driveway and instead opts to park the car half on the curb, half in the street. The house does feel too small at times. Like there´s no place to escape to, but as the AFS motto goes: It´s not good, it´s not bad, it´s just different (very different).

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