Thursday, March 12, 2009


There are four meals in a day. Breakfast is before school and generally something light like cereal, an apple, yogurt, or cereal and yogurt. (My initial reaction to my brother putting fruit yogurt was his chocolate cereal, think Coco Puffs, was ?!?!?!??!WHY?!?! I haven´t been brave enough to try it yet.) Lunch is anywhere between 1-4 from 5-7 is Onces which is some type of snack and dinner is from 9:30-11.

Everyone loves avocados. They´ll eat it with anything. Today, I had a hot dog, twice the size of my face, smothered in avocado. It was really weird, especially since I´m not that big of a fan of avocados to begin with.

The best place for ice cream in Bravissimo. It´s home made and extremely rich, triple churned so that when they scoop it it´s already mushed in that creamy way. Sooooooooo good :D

Chile definitely lives up to it´s reputation for fresh food when it comes to fruits and vegetables. There is a notable taste difference.

If you like to drink Chile is known wine and Pisco. Everyone keeps asking me if i´ve tried Pisco yet. It´s seems to be the drink of choice for all the young people I don´t know about the adults. They said that it was especially common and delicious to mix Pisco with Coca-Cola so that it becomes Piscola.

The other thing that´s big here is Manjar. It´s like the Nutella of Chile. They make cookies out of it and cakes and all other kinds of deserts. It´s pretty good, but something you have to get used to. We just celebrated my brother´s birthday and the cake he got was made from manjar but it has million of layers of bread, i think it was bread, so that it was flaky.

Here a sanwich isn´t eaten for a meal, but for a snack. Typically, Pan con Pollo is the most popular. That means bread with chicken. Cheeses is also commonly added. They cook it in the microwave so that it´s perfectly hot and delicious.


  1. What is the drinking age in Chile? and do the kids typically drink wine with their parents at dinner and stuff? xox

  2. I think it depends on the family for wine at dinner. We´re not allowed too. The drinking age is 18, but that isn´t inforced at all. From what I can tell kids just go into a supermarket and buy what they want.